You thought you could have privacy on the Internet - really??? ... of course you can't. (just kidding...)

Ok actually you have quite a bit on this site: I'm not collecting any of your personal information intentionally. Your IP address and http_referrer URL are automatically collected in the web server logs (it's difficult to prevent that). I won't use that information for anything apart from investigating errors or disruptions to this web site or to improve it's performance. Since you can't submit comments, I don't think you can even accidentally share private information.


There is no Google Analytics, no tracking cookies, no fingerprinting, no social embedding, or anything else that can track you which I am aware of. I don't even reference fonts or code from a third party server.

If you notice anything more I can do to make this site more respective of your privacy - please let me know. Do unto others as you would... etc etc...


Want even more privacy?

There are a ton of things you can do to improve your privacy online. I recommend the following: